Only when you fully surrender yourself

to what the universe is trying to offer you

will you find what you were really searching for

this whole time.

It is not in your new car

or handbag

or in shiny diamond rings

or mortgages that tie you to white picket fences.

They say the devil’s greatest trick was convincing us he doesn’t exist and I

can’t help

but agree

He takes the form of insatiable greed

that brings our planet to its knees and our souls

to a state of constant unrest

Twitching for that next hit of online dopamine

Itching for that next piece of material ‘gain’ that will never keep us warm like the arms

and heart

of another.

We isolate ourselves in our small screens

trying to find connection where there is only


We don’t see the lives around us dying for the things we all truly crave –




Having enough by having


just to get us by.

So look up to the sky

but don’t pray

Instead try to find the voice inside you

that roars defiance at the shackles

you have placed on your soul

Bound by iron forged in the ravenous fires of consumerism

Tyler Durden got it right

when he said that you are not the clothes you wear or the car you drive.

Get out of the drivers seat

You are going

the wrong


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