1. A nutritious, creamy liquid made from nuts, seeds or grains
  2. An alternative to dairy milk


The word ‘mylk’ is pronounced just like the regular ‘milk’ – but in its heart, it is a little different. ‘Mylk’ is almost synonymous with plant-based culture, and spelling it this way announces its alternative stance. And of course, everyone knows the infamous saying: “got milk?”. In this alternate spelling lies a small rebellion that is rapidly sweeping the globe.

My name is Jess, and I named this blog ‘Mylk’ because of the term’s synonymy with plant-based living, because ultimately that’s what this creative space of mine is all about. You’ll also find articles about sustainability and eco-friendly living, health, minimalism, expressive writing, and anything else I feel like sharing.

I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle in all of its forms – mentally, physically, emotionally; and I am currently studying a Bachelors degree majoring in nutrition. I hope to one day build my own business helping as many people as I can to lead lives full of nourishment and inspiration. It is my wish that this blog ends up inspiring its readers to make more conscious, healthy choices throughout their day.

Because in the end, our choices shape not just our own future, but our planet’s.

So. Got mylk?






“We are like islands in the sea; separate on the surface,

but connected in the deep.”

– William James