CURATING A MINDFUL WARDROBE – Finding balance in a world of chaotic consumerism



Two of my all-time favourites – a vintage Rolling Stones tee (probably older than I am) and my go-to pair of skinny jeans.

I’ve owned a lot of clothes in my time. And, like almost every single woman on the planet, my lips have formed the words that have echoed through the ages: “I have nothing to wear.” Of course, I have said these words whilst staring at a wardrobe filled to the brim with clothes. (more…)

Eco-friendly every day – how to make zero waste & environmentally-positive habits work for you

Everyone knows the planet is in dire straits right now. Everywhere we look – the news, social media, politics, advertisements – climate change is very much present in our society’s conversation. It’s easy for us think, that as ordinary people, it is difficult to make any impactful changes in our everyday lives. (more…)