With the weather cooling down as we move toward winter, it’s far too cold to be drinking cold smoothies for breakfast at the moment. As my diet shifts to include warm breakfasts and fresh, juicy oranges, I like to regularly include this highly nourishing warm drink as part of my morning routine to give me an antioxidant boost and a chocolate-y hit first thing! (more…)

Top Budget Friendly Foods to Keep In Your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter which stage of life you’re in – budget friendly food is always a winner! Unfortunately, so many of us think that healthy cooking and plant-based, vegan meals mean expensive and complicated ingredients.
This absolutely doesn’t have to be the case at all – this post is going to show you a bunch of healthy, versatile vegan foods that will be the ingredients to your next home-cooked meal (without breaking the bank!). I promise that if you are stocked up on these foods, you will always have an inexpensive and nourishing meal just around the corner.